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Fire Campaigns - Campaign Fires 2003-2006

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Fire Campaigns 2003 - 2009

One of the longest fire campaigns experienced by the CFA were the Victorian 2003 North East Fires.  Several fires were ignited by lightening on the 8/01/2003, in very steep inhospitable country.  As the area had experienced a prolonged drought, the undergrowth was very dry and these fires were able to spread very quickly.  These fires eventually joined to become a very large fire.  This fire burnt 1.3 million hectares over a period of 59 days with 41 homes destroyed and over 9,000 livestock killed. Thousands of kilometres of fencing were also destroyed.  The Toolangi tanker was sent to Mt Beauty with a crew and the tanker didn't return until the end of February.  Our crew along with most CFA volunteers at some stage were involved along with 160 Defence Force staff, over 300 interstate firefighters, 33 alpine firefighting specialists from New Zealand and 35 personnel from the United States. In total, 15,725 personnel were directly engaged in fighting these bushfires. Click here for a view of the 2003 NE Fires.

A little closer to home is Kinglake.  Kinglake is only 10kms west of Toolangi as the crow flies.  Kinglake has a long history of bushfires, and 2006 was no different.  We were turned out to a fire north of Kinglake under the high voltage lines at the end of January 2006.  This fire eventually burnt out 1500 hectares.  The CFA was assisted by DSE Victoria (Department of Sustainability and Environment), and firefighters from NSW.  It was eventually contained early in February.  Click here for a view of the 2006 Kinglake Fire.

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